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Automobile Insurance: Pay Cheaper for Your Insurance

According to the insurance consultancy Facts & Figures, the increase in car contract prices should be between 1 and 2% in 2019. An upward trend that has continued for several years already. However, it is entirely possible to lower the bill. Our advice to pay your car insurance cheaper.

Make the competition play thanks to the Hamon law and auto insurance comparators

Since the Hamon law it has become much easier to get rid of your car insurance. Unsaturated on January 1, 2015, it allows you to terminate your contract as soon as you wish since it is at least one year old, and without any additional costs. The goal is clear: increase competition and lower premiums. A measure that is bearing fruit, according to expert person, the insurance comparator.

Cheaper Car Insurance
Cheaper Car Insurance

How can I pay cheaper for my car insurance? Tips for 2020 Year

“Each year, the termination rate increases by about one point. In 2015, 15% of policyholders terminated their contract each year. In 2018, we are close to 18%. The impact is real and this law encourages organizations to question themselves. A client who says to his insurance that he wants to leave him forces him to renegotiate the terms of the contract and lower the amount of premiums.”

In view of the prices posted by insurers – between 555 euros (for third party insurance) and 680 euros per year (for an all-risk contract) according to data from expert web sites. This call for tenders may prove useful. To support you, there are obviously comparators and brokers like Hyperassur. The last two promise, respectively, 235 and 335 euros in savings on the annual bill, all types of contracts combined. For the entry-level, at around 500 euros per year, the economy can go up to 100 euros, promises the expert, i.e. a 20% reduction. All in “6 or 7 minutes”. You can test our auto insurance comparator for great savings!

How can I pay cheaper for my car insurance? 2020 Insurance Information

Opt for online auto insurance

No doubt about it. Direct car insurance is generally less expensive than traditional establishments. According to expert, these online offers make it possible to obtain between 20% and 30% reduction on an entry-level contract with almost similar guarantees. And to add that on medium and high-end contracts, the gap can even widen: between 30% and 40% compared to a conventional contract.

Car Insurance for 2020 Year
Car Insurance for 2020 Year

Ways to get the cheapest car insurance

Auto insurance per kilometer: a good alternative for small wheelers

Do you drive less than 8,000 kilometers per year? Then opt for insurance proportional to the distance traveled. These car insurance per kilometer promise great savings: up to 50% for certain insurances. “If the driver has a good bonus, the system is very advantageous when you stay below 4,000 kilometers, or even 2,000 kilometers with a worse coefficient. The solution is also interesting for a vintage / vintage car over the year, ”says the insurance expert. According to our web site’s projections, a motorist who drives 2,000 kilometers per year in her Clio would pay 199 euros per year at Amaguiz (Groupama) for all-risk insurance, against 371 euros with a conventional contract, or almost almost less than half. Under the same conditions, its annual premium would amount to 292 euros if it drove 5,000 kilometers with insurance per kilometer from MMA, against 462 euros with a conventional contract.


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