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How To Do a Car Insurance? – Documents Needed to Purchase

How to do a car insurance? Today as we will review this matter After buying a car, every motorist has more than a formality to accomplish to get behind the wheel: subscribe a car cover. If the comparison of insurance quotes is a necessary step to find the offer best suited to his profile, some supporting documents should be kept at hand to finalize the subscription.

How to do a car insurance? Needed documents for insurance

The registration certificate (ex-registration certificate) for car insurance

How to do a car insurance? In order to be able to move freely on the roads of country, it is mandatory to register your car. The procedures are carried out at the prefecture (or sub-prefecture) within a month after acquisition of the vehicle. Formerly known as “gray card”, the issued registration certificate is systematically requested by car insurance companies at the time of signing the contract.

The characteristics of the vehicle (model, power, date of entry into circulation …) mentioned allow the insurer to calculate the amount of the annual premium. In addition, the registration number must be entered on the car insurance certificate affixed to the windscreen.

Driving license for car insurance
Driving license for car insurance

Driving license for car insurance

This may seem obvious, but no auto insurance without a driver’s license. Any motorist who wishes to insure must prove his legitimacy to drive by providing a copy of his license. The date on which it is obtained makes it possible to estimate the level of risk to which the company is exposed and to adjust, according to the amount of the contribution to be paid. Thus, just as a young driver does not have the same level of experience on the road as an experienced driver, the rates applied to one or the other can vary considerably.

How to do a car insurance? Guide and information

The insurance information statement

Drivers who have previously been insured will be required to submit their statement of information to the new insurer. This legal document constitutes the CV of the insured by bringing together the history of claims, the coefficient of bonus / malus and the responsibilities of the driver in each accident. Again, this voucher has a direct impact on the calculation of the amount of the insurance premium.

Car insurance guide and information
Car insurance guide and information

With all these documents, the insured only has to subscribe the car insurance of his choice. A few days after signing the contract, a certificate of insurance and the green card of the vehicle will be sent directly to his home.


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