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Tips to Buy Cheapest Auto Insurance: Get Cheap Car Insurance

Don’t report small claims

Paradoxical. It is sometimes useful not to use your insurance, although this is an obligation in the event of a claim. Certain “small” accidents – scratches on the bodywork or on the headlights, glass breakage -, if they are communicated, will damage your bonus coefficient. It is better to pay the repair amount, even. For example: if you are fully responsible for a small impact with a car because you have gone through the red light, you will see a 25% penalty applied to your bill for the next two years if declared to insurance. Or 170 euros more for 2 years on the 600 euros of your all-risk insurance. To which you must add a deductible of around 500 euros for repairs. The total bill is thus 840 euros. If the repair is not too expensive and you can afford to pay for it yourself, choose this option.

How to buy a car for a cheap car insurance? Guide for car shopping in 2020

Choose a cheap car for low insurance cost

Are you planning to buy a car for the first time or to change it? Pay attention to your choice. The more powerful the vehicle, the more expensive it will be to insure because it is more at risk on the road. This reasoning also works for age: the newer your vehicle, the more expensive it is to insure. These are the two main criteria that define the amount of your premium. So here are two examples of models that would get a very attractive bonus according to Reassure me:

An all-risks formula at 35 euros per month for a Citroën from 2009, with as main driver a 54-year-old civil servant and a 50% bonus for more than 6 years without claims or offenses.

A simple third-party formula at 21 euros per month for a Peugeot 106 driven by a retired couple living in Nantes, with a private garage and a 50% bonus for more than 3 years.

Choose a cheaper cover over time

The age of your vehicle is essential to calculate the amount of your premium. The older the vehicle, the more it loses its value. No need to keep a high level of coverage for old cars. Experts offer the following formula: comprehensive insurance for vehicles of 4 or 5 years maximum, a third + formula up to 9 years, and a third entry-level formula beyond.

Favor accompanied driving for the license

Since January 1, 2019, it is possible to take post-license training and reduce your probationary period from 6 months to 1 year. Enough to reassure the insurance company and thus obtain slightly cheaper rates. There is even the possibility of reducing the amount of premiums during the passage of the license. If you opt, for example, for the accompanied driving option, report it to the insurer as this could allow you to almost completely reduce the amount of your premium by 50%.

Get Cheap Car Insurance
Get Cheap Car Insurance

Tips and tricks for logical insurance shopping : Cheap car insurance for 2020 year

Reduce the risk of theft

There is no limit to the imagination of insurance organizations. Certain accessories make it possible to lower the amount of the premium. “If the vehicle is equipped with a tracking system for example, a reduction of almost 5% per month applies with Axa for a high-end vehicle such as a BMW. Rather logical, if the risk of theft decreases, the amount of premiums also.

Ask about the proposed reductions

Some organizations give you a reduction if you have several types of contracts with them (auto, health, home) or if you insure more than one vehicle. Some even apply the principle of loyalty by reducing your contributions over time. Another tip: certain insurances practice rebates the first year of contract. By systematically canceling your contract after one year, you can benefit from it for many years.

Prefer annual payment for cheaper car insurance

If you have the possibility of paying your 12 monthly payments at once, prefer this solution because it often allows to benefit from discounts which oscillate on average between 5 and 8%.


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