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What is Health Insurance? Protect Yourself and Your Families

Compared to the past, people have started to become more conscious and to have a serious desire to have health insurance, which is one of the sine qua non, and the only way to secure this. With the rapidly pricing living conditions, high medication and hospital costs, the increasing problems of hospitals and the long-term treatment of point-shot treatments, the number of private health insurance companies is increasing day by day. With the changes in living conditions and eating habits compared to the past, the problems arising from the living environment and the stressful environment of the business world, the rate of catching diseases is rapidly increasing.

You may be seriously confused when you search for health insurances. This is where we come in. And we guarantee you to offer your health insurance with the most affordable prices and guarantee you need. We do not leave alone your loved ones, or even children, even if they are still babies when they need help in terms of health. In case of any accident or health problems that may happen to you or your loved ones, we pay your treatment costs for you, outpatient or inpatient.

What is Health Insurance
What is Health Insurance

What Are the Health Insurance That We Provide You?

First of all, let’s divide this into two as outpatient and inpatient treatment. And let us state that the quality and scope of the service to be provided to you is directly related to the premiums you will pay. Among the guarantees we provide within the scope of outpatient treatment; There are items such as examination, prescriped medicine, imaging methods, physical therapy expenses, laboratory tests. Within the scope of inpatient treatment; all kinds of surgery and postoperative intensive care process costs, postoperative physical therapy and rehabilitation, ambulance service, dialysis treatment and examinations, home care services, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

In addition to this, there are birth and newborn packages within the scope of health insurance. In addition to this, we also provide complementary health insurance services besides private health insurance. This provides advantages such as better service for individuals with any social security, discounted examination in private health institutions, and the costs of treatments and medicines that are not paid by the government. In addition, if you want to have your treatment abroad, we have health insurance abroad. You can call our contact numbers and get all the necessary information from our experimented staff for any questions and information.


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